AWP Awards

The Association of Women Psychiatrists gives the following awards:


Leah J. Dickstein, M.D., M.A.
Medical Student Award

The Association of Women Psychiatrists is pleased to announce the Leah J. Dickstein, M.D. Award, which recognizes a female medical student who best exemplifies the spirit of creativity, energy, and leadership that Dr. Dickstein herself epitomizes and seeks to foster in others.

Application and information for 2018  – Deadline: Received by March 15th

AWP Fellowship – 2018

The Association of Women Psychiatrists announces its annual fellowship for outstanding female psychiatry residents who have demonstrated significant potential for leadership and contribution in women’s health.  The fellowship will award a $1,500 stipend for travel and participation in the AWP/APA Annual Meetings.  The fellowship is designed in keeping with AWP goals of developing female psychiatrist leaders and improving the present and future personal and professional roles of women. The awardee will be on the selection committee for the AWP fellowship for the following year and actively engaged in AWP activities.

Application and information for 2018 | Fellowship Letter  – Deadline: Received by March 10th

AWP International Fellowships

The AWP is proud to announce two new fellowships, offered on alternative years, dedicated to enhancing AWP’s commitment to improving women’s mental health, training and support of mental health providers, and the development and support of young women focused on the mental health needs of women across the globe.

2014 was our inaugural year and we expect to offer one fellowship each year. For even number years the fellow will be in training in the United States, in alternative odd number years the fellow will be recruited from Countries outside the United States. Please email with further questions.

Application and Information for 2015

Past Awards

2016 Awards

Man of Good Conscience Award

David Greenblatt, M.D.

Jeanne Spurlock Social Justice Award

Anne Hallward, M.D.

Symonds Fellows

Shebani Sethi, M.D. and Leah Susser, M.D.

AWP International Fellow

Natchanan Charatcharungkiat

Leah Dickstein Medical Student Award

Lily Chan

Marian I.Butterfield ECP Award

Misty Richards, M.D.

2015 Awards

Marian I. Butterfield, M.D. Award

Christina Khan, M.D.

Man of Good Conscience

Victor Buwalda, M.D.

Jeanne Spurlock Social Justice Award

P. Lynn Ouellette, M.D.

AWP Fellow

Amritha Bhat, M.D.

Symonds Fellow

Uchenna Okoye, M.D.

International Fellow*

Natchanan Charatcharungkiat, M.D.
Fellowship funded by the Mary Thomas and Ellen Violett Foundation

Leah J. Dickstein, M.D. Award

Julia Chandler 

2014 Awards

Marian I. Butterfield, M.D., M.P.H., Early Career Psychiatrist Award

Margaret Spinelli, M.D.

Jeanne Spurlock, M.D. Social Justice Award

Geetha Jayaram, M.D.

Martin Symonds, M.D., Man of Good Conscience Award

Nicholas Kristoff
Tom Wise, M.D.

AWP Fellowship:

Smita Das, M.D.
Misty Richards, M.D.,

AWP Leah Dickstein Award:

Esther Rollhaus

AWP International Fellows

Dr. GenaLynne Mooneyham
Dr. Ayana Jordan


2013 Awards

The Association of Women Psychiatrists is honored to announce the following awards for 2013:

Leah J. Dickstein M.D. Award for Medical Student Creativity

Katherine Riva, M.D.

AWP Fellowship

Margaret May, M.D.

AWP Symonds Fellowship

Rebecca Burson, M.D.
Anna Halperin-Rosen, M.D.

AWP Man of Good Conscience Award

John Oldham, M.D.


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